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it’s depressing to wake up and can’t remember a dream. that’s when a person wakes up during Non-RAM sleep. but the depressing part is it’s becomes slowly harder to envision somethings like I use to. My brain is running out of things to envision, which kills creativity at a young age. Guess I need to pull up my dist collector of a guitar and practice. I need to do something new to restore and/or create brain cells. because let’s face it: I’m 21, Female, Wanting to go into a career field where you need a creative mind, and most importantly not only will my design die but my writing, my painting, my way of seeing the world, and because of the levels at which my creativity is dropping shows much more than simple stress related issue. Hopefully this week I’ll get some type of cash to go to Central Park with my art supplies and/or a blanket and enjoy something that’s not surrounded by four walls. even thou the fact I could still see building makes the whole thing worthless, because I am remind I’m still surrounded by walls. My environment is growing way too old for me, and the last time I escape this jungle was before 5th grade. i was in another country, surrounded by real forest with no buildings in sight. that’s true peace, where you’re not remind of the close walls around you. So wish me luck for the next 2 years out of AI, because that’s where the depressing part comes to play, where my brain activity will decline hugely because I will have to work 5 days a week, plus the here and there of weekends, not only that the long hours of working. Stress is not what i’m concern about, i’m more worry about how the hell i’m going to get by for 2 years to be able to leave the country for a short time, to refresh my mentally and brain. I don’t want to die at the age of 30! I still have a list i want to do before i die, one of them is to open up a gallery of my work and another thing is to have kids so my WORK could live through them (not make them into me, just push them into a creative field or science).
Sorry, I’m talking too much. Good night/morning/afternoon/death/life/etc.


Internship week #4

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1) How do you go about collecting information that you put into the magazine? At the beginning of the year we do an editorial calendar based on what we know will be happening in the industry.  The editorial calendar guides the content.

2) How do you upload the magazine onto Is there a format one must follow to be able to upload magazines online? Once the magazine is designed using Indesign it is converted to PDF and then uploaded to Issuu.

3) And also, why the name “Triple The Focus” and not something else? I wanted a publication that embodies – MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT, LIFESTYLE – hence “Triple” the Focus.  Most publications focus on one area either fashion, travel, food, etc.  I wanted to cover everything – basically tripling your focus.

What I’m worked and working on now

I finish designing 4 ads for them, and now working on their magazine promo-booklet. It’s quit fun because I’m finally able to do some layout out design and create a booklet. 🙂 


Internship week 3

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After 2 rounds of concept designs for redesign their ad we talked about what she liked, and discussed a few changes. Now just have to do the last touches, and starting next week I’ll be starting putting together the book. She wants it have it look and feel like her magazines.
But pretty much I’ve learned how to communicate with the client, even though she’s my boss, but same concept.

Airplan food

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Something I found interesting because of the science behind why air-plain food taste bad. Have fun reading =)

A must read.


A few days ago, I was left, well, not speechless, but enraged at the decision in Indiana to eliminate Cursive Writing in their core educational program and to make it an elective. The article in my post Curse(ive)s, Foiled Again mentions that Touch Typing will replace cursive writing.  I had posted my  essay on many sites and the responses have been both for and against the new mandate. More against than for, but still: this is a small vocal community that has responded. There are thousands upon thousand of voices to be heard from, and that includes the Private, Charter, and home school sectors.

To me, there is NO reason, if planned properly, that both cursive and touch typing can not be properly explored in the classroom. I learned how to type, and well, in 7th grade. First time, and yes, that was ages ago. Do they need to know…

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Very interesting.

Pretty cool 🙂