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Issue 2

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Issue 2


Interesting thought

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You know in shows like “Monster inside me” they have parts where they show how the parasite got inside the body. Could you imagine if they had one of those of someone popping a pimple, or someone picking their skin. The science behind it would be very interesting to watch, instead of just guessing on how it does it and why a person skin reacts the way it does.

Computer stuff : not important

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Because currently Adobe doesn’t want to work for my computer I might as well save all my files on my external hard drive and then restart my computer. I could either do it after I post the second issue to my magazine project or before. Either way I need to do it. At least Corel still works 🙂

Food for thought:
A transsexual who dates and love the sex they were born with are in a sense straight, a transsexual who dates and love the sex they change to are in a sense straight. If both are transsexual but was born the opposite of what they change to (example- female to male with a male to female) are also in a sense straight. The “gay” is more applied to a born males, who chosen not to change, date each other and same applies to both female couples. But if both are transsexuals that both was born male then that relationship in a sense gay, same if both were born females.
What do you think?

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