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New World Order: 2

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Food resources

We live in a world where food is divided unevenly. In the other world I dreamed up there were at least 3 main solutions. 1) A floating greenhouse that house every known eatable food (fruits, greens, nuts, you name it). 2) Supermarkets with their own greenhouse. 3) Meat Markets that has it’s own floating farm.
Because in this new world money is no issue, mainly because you wouldn’t need money to get anything. Basically the concept is that everything is free and you only take what you need. So for the floating greenhouse people can easily visit it and just take what they need for that DAY. Because in this world there is no need to store food; so the issue of wasting food and uneaten leftovers can never be a major issue because nothing is wasted and everyone can be feed. With unlimited access to food and money is never an issue there wouldn’t be a need to take more than a family/person/child really needs. A person could just go to the greenhouse to get a fresh snack.
If supermarkets have their own greenhouse they could give certain produce, and grow their own wheat and make their own wheat products to give. The supermarket main purpose is to create wheat for anyone who wants it. It can also be called a bakery if you think about it, but they also offer other items. Products like sugar, honey, oils, and other things that need to be produce.
Meat Markets is just that, they give meat. But the major different and benefits is that the meat isn’t shipped or done any harm. They would even sale certain meats on different days. If they have more than a good number of chicken they’ll sale chicken for a good 2 days. If they have enough crows and pigs, they’ll sale the parts for at least 3 days. It all depends on the amount they have and what they can offer. If they are not able to they can still sale eggs and milk.

Note: You can tell how much I wasn’t big into fast food when I was younger 😛

When it comes to junk food I guess it’ll be more naturally compare to this world.


New World Order: 1

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(Ideas since childhood)

Atomic fusion
We are at an age where 3D printing is incredible, and that we even use it for medical science. But let’s take that technology one step forward. Atomic fusion to create different atomic bonds to create minerals and other resources that we use. Instead of digging up the earth for minerals that are slowly proving that we need to either find another planet to gain minerals or the minerals goes to the highest bidder. But if we’re able to create the minerals we need by just fusing atoms together and creating a better and longer lasting mineral than we could let our other resources take time to produce more in the long run.
Our sun, our brains all create chemical reactions naturally, but what if we take atoms from the very air we breathe in, which contains almost every element we need to create the resource we need, and transform it into a more useful and beneficial product. For humanity sake, if we plan to keep the human race living on a dying world we need a different resources that could never be depleted in short period of time. Science Fiction as always been called fiction until a true believer takes the idea and makes it real.

Water Purification
In a time where water has become a major issue isn’t that a real solution without destroying ones’ own living style? Like purifying water and other liquids to be reused. Image 2 small ball, no big that a golf ball, one black and the other white. The black one is use to trap all types of waste produce that any water might have, and the white ball traps the black ball into a seal and the water is then clean. Let me give you an example.
Let’s sad you have a clean bathtub of water. You’re cover in unwanted hair, scars, acne and you wish your body was completely clean of every mark. So you drop the black ball into the water, which then dissolves and turns the water black and almost like liquid rubber. You take a dip, cover every inch you want clean. Just because you like taking baths you stay in for a while. When you’re about to exit the tub you drop in the white ball. Before your eyes everything that was cover in black liquid is sucked by this white ball. Before your eyes not only is the water so clean it makes it seem you never took a bath, but also everything you wanted off your skin is gone and you’re left with clean skin. Now all you have to do is get rid of the white ball, or you could store it for your next bath. With this you never have to change the water in the tub, you just have to heat it up when you want a hot bath. Also this same water can be used for a shower and just clean the water again after is collects in a holding tank.
The point is that these balls help us RECYCLE WATER.


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Sometimes I look in the mirror and all I can think about is how the hell do I have friends, family, and is not in an asylum? The way my mind works and thinks should be put down, sometimes I get surprise at how I just don’t let myself do the shirt I think about. I have horrible desires that are only looked down upon, and things I write in my stories to control myself. But there are times writing about just hurts because of how much I of a monster I really am. In my current book projects “Tenak” and “Gothic Warrior” there’s parts about how I want o actually want to touch little kids. How I just want to throw my own family members across a room and laugh my head off. How I want to take the people who called themselves my friends and rip wholes through their guts and watch them bleed to death. How I sometimes feel like letting go of something in my heads, and I have to keep telling myself no to. How there’s times I see a person and just want to reach over and just claim them as mine. How much I just to just rip my skin off to prove to myself this is not my body. Every time these thought come up I have to keep reminding myself this is not me. But why the hell do I feel this way.
There’s times I show off to myself how smart I really am, and how much I can really do if I just let go. But I have to keep reminding myself it’s all in my head and everything I think can happen is not humanly possible. Could be the reasons why in my childhood dreams I created a door into my own recreation of the world where humanity was more free. And I was it’s ruler, even though I didn’t really cared much want people did with their freedom. I created fairy like creatures that can transform into anything you wanted and could never be killed.
Reasons why the first people to get them as partners was people who were insane or criminals. I had 2, the gender didn’t matter but I just wanted 2 for myself. I would sometimes make them do very naughty and painful things. It brought me great joy seeing them covered in their own blood as they were my toys. Of course as I got older so did they. But the days I felt I wanted to go for child my fairies would tune into them.
I’m technically not hurting a human child, because this fairy is as old as I, just looks like a child. Every pedophiles dream is to be with a child and not have anything in their way of their desires. Because this with a transforming fairy it goes pass human rights and becomes perfectly legal. There is not argument over a transforming fairy, or even the fact the fairy can never die, so you could do want whatever you with the body and no harms could ever come of it.
My fairies would be the perfect toy. Can be both male and female, could become children when I desire it, can be chop into pieces and still be by my side, I could technically rape them and it would perfectly legal

My work

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I need to be more confident in my work, and post it right away when finished. Instead of heading it for long months.

My lack of confidence in my own skill is very noticeable, when it shouldn’t be. All because I lack confidence in myself shouldn’t mean i should hold back. Guess fear is sometimes too great,  but whatever. When I do show my work it’s sometimes surprising when someone actually likes my work. So i should keep my head high and just let go.