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Short story plot

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New Earth 84: The Gender Pill

The pill to change gender. The female leader of the new world, the creator, takes it upon herself to test her new invention. Most of the people around her doesn’t know this. Only a close friend knows the reason for her invention was mostly dude for the fact she herself was never truly happy born female. After she invents the gender pill everyone around questions her true gender and new comers question her reality. After so much energy going into tell people that she is neither gender everyone tries to push her to choose one gender and to stay there. Keep in mind in this world she created she made sure no one knew that she is creator. The day she created this universe and introduce it, she sent a representative in her place. But in a male state is where she introduced the public to the gender pill.

In one part she goes to a nude restaurant, out of the many she placed in this new world. She goes to enjoy a meal yo relax. In this restaurant she watching the nude waiters exposing their gender proudly till a old couple walks in. The couples are crying out how this place is nothing more than sin, and Jesus looks down on everyone who works and takes part in such a place. The creator gets mad, mind you she’s in her male form. She comforts the couple stating how humans are born nude and this place is an expression the humanity in us all. She then goes about telling them that in their religion how their God created humans naked referring to the purity in of us all. The couple then question who HE is, then a few employees stand beside her. A tall muscular black female, a short stick skinny male, an Asian 12 year old girl, and a male going through the change to become a full male. They then say how she is the creator of this universe and how they should respect. The couple are so in disbelief and claim how God created this new world. This is where she smacks the couple, and say “in the name of your god you belittle those who are different from you, in the name of your god you committed genocide, in the name of your god you brought war onto the old world, in the name of your god you would not admit that everyone is different and for that have the right to live as they please. In the name of your god you committed multiple crimes against humanity and in the name of your god you believe you could never commit any sin even though you commit the greatest sin of them all, the sin of not excepting your fellow brothers and sisters as they are and not giving or showing true love. For that I question your very existence.” With that the whole restaurant stood quite and soon the old couple fell to their knees crying. She told to get up and asked if they would like to work in the restaurant for a day. The couple looked at her angrily and left. The next day the couple came back with a group and they ordered. Even though they showed that they were uncomfortable there it was still nice to see them trying.