The voices and the screaming

Posted: July 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

As I set on my bed

Waiting for my hand to stop

Trimbling and pull the tigger

I hear them again

The voices

The ones I want to kill

I hate them so much

They never go away


They continue

With their laughing

Continue their tunting

I continue to hold back

But the voices are

Too strong

It happening again


I can see

The bats at my window

I can see the

Drowling beast waiting

To feed on my flesh

I can hear

The wolves howling

And reminding me

How weak I really am


The nightmares

Of running through

That forest

Has returned and the blood

On the walls

Has regain their



I am being pulled down again

The only thing

Stopping me are my friends

But the voices remind me

That it’s all in my head

I could never truly

Trust another soul

For they would

Hurt me again


I am alone

Once more

With this gun aimed

At my head

I don’t want to die

But how else can I

Get rid of these


How can I stop the

Screaming inside of me


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