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Have a child?

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The girl in the mirror

Posted: March 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

As I look
Into the mirror
And see her face
Nothing but rage and sadness
Fills my veins
I am mortified
At the site
How could this have happened
Where did it all go wrong

I try cutting her hair
Hoping she would change
With a new look
I have bruised
Her skin
Hoping to calm her
But this skin
Only suffocates her

The lighter
In my pocket temps me
As I reach
For the bottle behind the mirror
I am at the end

I can smell
The burning flesh
I can feel
The hole in my chest
But this girl
In front of me
Reeks of disappointment
And is a complete
Waste of breath

As I take
The pills and begin to breathe
Nothing but laughter
Escapes my lips
This girl in the mirror
Is nothing but a
Unforgivable piece of trash

But there’s nothing
To do but just breathe
Because once our heart stops
There’s no turning back
Maybe this waste of breath
Would do something
With her good for nothing life
Maybe one day
I wouldn’t have to count
The damn minutes
Or seconds of a damn day
Just repeating that
It’s fucking ok to breathe

Maybe one day
I would actually
Say how wonderful it is
To look into a mirror
And not scream at
The bitch who’s
Looking back at me