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The first computer in existence was the human mind. The first in our evolution, the first to be created with simple functions. We evolved to create tools and leave markings to indicate what we have learned and want to remember; this can easily be consider the first external hard-drive. Then came along better methods to improve our knowledge about the world around us. We learned in history class about human evolution and all that we accomplished during a short existence. We went from writing on the walls, to in books, creating a printing press system, to the typewriter, and now writing software.

Yes many of us take for granted the fact we can walk around with our very own personal wall and paint in our pockets. In truth we are not creators of new technology, but are the ones who improved on that first concept and have developed it to fit our ever changing needs. To say the first computer was created in 1946 is false, and really the first computer emerged way over 2.8+ million years ago. The computer was called many names to justify it’s purpose. Current computers can thank the greatest and oldest computer for it’s creation; it should give thanks to the human brain.