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I’m Dying

Posted: January 30, 2015 in poetry
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as i sit here
watching the hours
fly by
my limbs feeling heavy
and my chest is aching
i look at the
pill bottle beside me
with blurring vision
trying to read
the distribution
wanting to know
how many will it take
to numb the pain
and be able to
wake from this nightmare
the phone across the table
screams for me to answer it
but what use is it
i already know it’s them
wanting to know
if i have yet met my end
i try to see the letters
to make out the words
but then i go forget it
and start to open the container
just before i empty out onto my hand
i start to question if
i’m doing the right thing
after all who would miss me
i am nothing more than useless to everyone
but than again why would they call
or is it just my boss
wanting to work me to the bone
i look again to that device
and wishfully hope it rings again
as the seconds past without a noise
i pile up the white numbing pain
and just as i about to take hold
the phone rings
and it is my mother crying to stop
now my death will have to wait another day
because someone will miss me