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Art Nouveau – Take Two

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Really cool


When I say art nouveau I bet you think of Mucha or maybe more specifically, this image:

Winding, elegant, organic lines, temperate colors of mustard yellow, dark red, olive, rich purples, and motifs of flowers, vine tendrils, insect wings, and nature. Art Nouveau was considered a “total style,” which means that it includes a large range of design: architecture, interior design, decorative arts, furniture, textiles, jewelry and other household objects, as well as visual arts. Art Nouveau, French for, “New Art” was influenced strongly by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha and was most popular during 1890–1910. For a while, this period was coined the “Mucha Style.”

Now that you all have the briefest description of Art Nouveau that I can give you, I want to ask: Do you ever see art nouveau anymore? What happened to it?

It’s true, the movement kind of disappeared after 1910 but the applied arts and architecture still remains and…

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Self Help Books

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A PREMONITION – Promote Yourself

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See Death…

See its shadow…

Closer…it’s closer…

Coming to me…

To you too…

Even him…

Death whispers…

Saying what?..

What! What!..

Who hears death?..

Who’ll be harbinger?..

You hear death?..

Me, him hear too…

We live pretence…

Death opt for all…

But it’s true…

Are you prepared?..

Death stings anyday…

One by one we’ll go…

Yet not now…

My name is Abegunde Timothy
You can know more about me through my blog:

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Flatlined – Promote Yourself

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Walking, talking, but no emotion

Robotic movements fall in line

Waiting, hoping for life to enter in

Watching blindly no thought comes to mind

They were human beings, now only human without a spirit

I cannot help but notice their bodies have flatlined

In need of rejuvenation, someone to tell them it’s not their fault

You have been tricked by the enforcer’s subterfuge

Do not take to heart their lies and deceit

They would have you take on the responsibility and heap

Burdens they pile on, your shoulders cannot bear

“Fake it til you make it” they say, they do not care

Yours is not a burden to bear alone or make pretense about your home

Spiritual death is what they bring, by way of a false patina overlay

Find yourself, be honest and true

Brace yourself; you are your own glue

Hold fast and find comfort in knowing


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Uncountable work experience

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I do have work experience but I’m not able to put it on my resume because it’s uncountable.
Most of high school I went and helped one of my sister’s at her corporate job, filing a ton of paper work. It was up to the point I was just as fast and effective as her. But the company wouldn’t be able to back up this claim because I wasn’t supposed to be there or even touch the files. For that I will not be able to say the company’s name here, … wait? What am I talking? The company was Plaza Construction Co./Inc. My brother works for the construction part, one of my cousins work as payroll, and my sister back then was more like an assistant who did the filing and answered the phone. Now she’s all over the place, but she’s under a higher title. Because in high school I didn’t really have anything to do after school whenever she needed help she would ask me, of course being the type of person that I am I never told my sister “no”. I sometimes wish I would, but whatever. And so to be able to help her better she pointed out the system that was use for the company’s filing so I could work just as fast as her. Plus there was a lot of lifting of heavy boxes, even though she could do, even though she’s short, but whenever I came to help I did most of the lifting. The times I’ve helped her I started to get faster and even liking what I was doing, but I couldn’t do after a while. By the time I was finished AI she went to see if the hiring people would hire me to replace her, but they said after her that’s it. Oh well and I was starting to really like that place.
Another work experience I can’t put down on my resume is me helping my dad at his part-time job, which is being a super in a building. I would help him clean and sort the recycle (3/4 of the people don’t even know how to recycle, it’s really awful), and so I’m always heavy lifting. There are even times where my arm, elbow would hurt like hell when I carry the bags to put in a thing to take them out. Put it this way the bags weights between 20 to 50 or 60 lbs. Because my dad worked there longer than me, plus he’s a plumber as a full time job at a church / school, he has dislocated his shoulder, or elbow, doing the job because of of the weight and how the bags would go back making you bend in a very unpleasant way. This job is also taxing on the back and legs for standing for long hours and heavy lifting. Even though I’m your than my dad by 20+ years doesn’t I’m not equally injured as him, the difference is he has a full time job that’s also has taxing as the garbage one. Of course there people there some are nice and others are what the fuck.
So yeah I basically am doing heavy lifting up to 60 lbs, am able to learn quickly to be able to do any job. But because I can’t put any of this information on my resume or cover letter because the companies wouldn’t back me up so I basically look like I have very little experience, which is bullshit (sorry for my French).