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Recently I been recording myself talking as a form of therapy. Even though my older sister repeatedly said I should see a professional I still am not able to talk completely open. Even though I write so much about what’s going on it’s been a very long time since I’ve been to therapy. Also before I usually write and draw out my emotions instead of vocally saying what’s going on, plus I mentally giving myself a therapy session, so I thought before I saw a professional let me get some practice. Because even though I do write and tell friends I don’t always tell the whole story. I just finished doing a recording session before I started writing and I realized how much I was holding in, even to the point I’m still tearing up. Back to the point. I’m doing this not only to be more vocal with what’s going on in my head but also practice using my voice, because I don’t really talk much. I’m more of the quiet types and so I always found ways to express what’s going inside, just that now I kind of need to step out from my confer zone so I better myself as a human being.
Let me just say I love psychology. Even thou I could easily find out what are some of the psychological impacts that are effecting doesn’t always mean I could easily change. I do understand what’s wrong with me and I can easily pin point where a lot of my emotional stress is coming, but knowing this doesn’t always help. So me being more vocal about this might help me more than me continually thinking about it instead of taking any steps to change.
Also on a side note I’ve been working out with my dad. I love running and walking I just hate being in one place. So I should and I have to just take a jog everyday to also release some stress.


Touchscreen desktops and laptops

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I think I’ve already spoken something similar to this, but I just love touch screen technology. I basically will not buy a computer of any kind if it does not have a touchscreen.
But as I’m going down a list of things I want for either my birthday next year or for Christmas I’ve come across a very difficult stand off. Should I buy a Mac, so I don’t face a lot of viruses or a touchscreen display pc, which I would need heavy-duty virus protection.
I’m one of those whose laptop is not only a work station but also my very life. I use it to design, draw, write, gather inspiration, keep connected with people. Even though the last two things I could easily do on my kindle, doesn’t really mean much. I don’t really like small screens, unless I have to or playing a game.
So if I get a Mac it’ll be useable, but awkward very time I forget it’s not touchscreen. I really like to interact with my work and the lack of touchscreen makes work less enjoyable. Or I could get both, a pc as a desktop and a Mac for a laptop. But then again I could get both for both a laptop and desktop.
Even though I could use either one for my writing, it’s when I design and do illustrations that would really make a huge difference. I do use a wacom tablet for such activities, but I touch the screen for when I need something pacific to happen. I know I kind of sound weird in a sense of me trying to talk about what I enjoy about a computer type.
I’m so suck on my love for touchscreen but super cheap about virus protection.
Now the software I use is a whole different story. I use about I don’t know 5 or 6 different software programs. I use mypaint, Coreldraw, Corel painter, Corel photo-paint, I use SketchUp, Corel writer. My computer currently won’t let me use Adobe CC, and I currently can’t pay for it. But that would be another software on my list. Plus I also have another 3D modeling software called blender, which is awesome. I’m also a software fanatic, I just love getting my hands on a new software. So I also have to consider this fact too.
So if I go with the Mac I lose about 3 software programs that I would have to replace, but if I buy Adobe CC again then it won’t be too big a deal. So because I also like 3D modeling software I could get my hands on Zbrush. If I get a Mac I can get my hands on a ton of software to play around with. But if I get a touchscreen pc I have a reliable computer that works the way I work.
But then again getting both in a laptop and desktop format would be the great experience to toy around with the function and see the limits I could push them to. Also think about all the software and programs I could have, plus pc games on my laptop. Of course my pc desktop and Mac laptop is for work, but the other two is for play. Okay, I made my choice on what I’m going to do.

Watch it WordPress

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Resume Draft

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Education Verse Experience

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What is higher education worth if to be able to get a job a person needs an amount of experience to be able to get a job. Then again some jobs ask for very high education plus a lot of experience. To think of it is kind of silly when trying to come up with a good answer.
For starters we are told throughout our childhood that we need to get an education to be able to work. But then, when it’s time to apply, what the job really ask for is experience. Then after that, when it ask about education, it’s saying a must have of things a person needs to know. I been to a school for graphic design, have little experience but I have I know my way around and I learn things easily. So do I really need to have years of experience to be able to work. Why can’t it be an education and then be train on the job. Wouldn’t that make the new employee easy to mold into the perfect worker. But then I could just be complaining I can’t find a job in my field (Graphic Design). Even though I could apply for a copywriter position since I’m a writer, and it’s a great pass-time for me. But of course when I look up these jobs they ask for an education in writing.
Is it that important to really have an education if a person is able to do the work? But what if the person has all the education in the world but has no experience, what then?
Like I stated earlier I could just be complain because I have a limited experience in my field of Graphic Design, with a two year education status. But I am also I writer, which I believe I’m good at, but I have no education background on it. So I’ll just post my resume later and ask for opinions. After all I am a self learner, and I learn things quickly. For example: for one of my typography classes I needed to do a infographic, which I’ve never done one before, but on that same day as I worked on it the end product like I’ve done infographics before.
But really, what is the point of education when what they ask more of having experience?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

What am I

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I enjoy the wonders of art and writing. I could write for hours on end, and when it comes to creating art pieces I tend to let life pass by. Then I found that there is a thing called graphic design, where a person puts art and writing together. I thought of this as the perfect blend, but then I realized how different it was to what I once thought it to be. And so because it was a different path, I never came to think of before, I continue in working on graphic design. But as I sit here thinking “what am I” I simply smile and say “I am a creator.” My style might sometimes be simple, but interesting non the least. My art style is more crazy and all over my head. But when it comes to writing then the real magic begins.
I have always been told that I could not read or write, that my spelling is off and the way I pronounce words was awful. But in my head I can say every word perfectly, and I can read at a level greater than what everyone has come to believe. All because I can not read out loud doesn’t mean I can not read, and all because I have trouble spelling doesn’t mean I don’t know the words. The only reason I seem to have such physical trouble is because of my hearing, and that is what causes my speech. But if you vocally spoke to me, or if I read, such higher language don’t assume I did not understand all because I can not reply to you in the same manner.
All because on paper it shows I have a learning disability doesn’t mean that I really do. It just means I can not show you in the manner you have come to think is current. There’s no such thing as a slow person, it’s that their intelligence is shown in a different format.

All about books: the reading

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After I sorted out what would be some of the main books I’ll be using as reference material it came to a total of 15 books. This isn’t bad if it wasn’t for the fact it’s for my magazine project, that’s due at the end of the month. What bites is that some of these I have to re-read and others just completely read it. Since I love to fully get involved in any subject I am doing, and also I have to factor any other personal issues, I might not be able to read everything. But because some of the books I chose was ones I’ve read I’m just going to go through for a refresher, but it’s the books I haven’t read that worries me. Since I’m also trying to find at least a job, to just get by, my family would see me just reading and not “working” would put me up as lazy.
But the whole point of my magazine project is to show off more than just my design work, but also show casing time management skills, my writing skills, and the fact I can handle multiple subjects instead of one or two at a time.
Because this issue is not going to be featuring my friends fan-art I’m left to do everything thing, even the illustrations to go along side my writing. But I trust myself that I will be able to get it done, it’s my family that I’m worried about. Because every time I need to get something important done, that would benefit me in the long run (in my career), they come along and mess everything up. I grew up having to drop everything I was doing to help them out. But now, older, it’s hard to put my foot down. But for this “all about books” magazine issue I have no choice but to put my foot down. Wish me luck.